Raw Burmese Wavy Curly Bundle Deals
Raw Burmese Wavy Curly Bundle Deals
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Raw Burmese Wavy Curly Bundle Deals

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Cambodian hair has a coarse-like texture, not rough at all, it reminds you of a freshly relaxed hair treatment. Because of its coarse texture, it blends best with African American hair textures. Due to its natural texture and ability to hold curls, it is currently in high demand on the hair market.

Note: Hair lasts up to 3.5 years and beyond with proper hair care and maintenance.

Color: All Hair comes in a natural hair color of 1b to 2 and can be bleached, lifted and dyed to any color of your liking.

Styling: 2-3 bundles for lengths shorter than 18" and 4 bundles or more for lengths 20" and up are generally used based on desired fullness